Another Forward Pen

Another Forward, a very uncommon pen. I wrote about one once before and as ever the search box above right will take you there if you wish to see the other one. Spicer Bros. Ltd. are credited with the pen’s manufacture, as with other models and styles. This example differs markedly from the last one and is more attractive, being in lovely mottled hard rubber with barrel bands.

This pen turned up in Australia and I have to thank Mark DeBono for the splendid photos.

The Forward is a well-made pen and one would have thought it had every chance of success. Its rarity suggests that it was not a good seller, for whatever reason.

Spicer Bros. Ltd. were a manufacturer of paper and, like Dickinson’s with their Croxley, included pens in their stationery range. There’s a degree of complexity in the Spicer’s companies. Originally one company, a disagreement between the brothers led to a split, Spicer Bros. Ltd and James Spicer & Sons being the result. They amalgamated their companies once again in 1922.


3 thoughts on “Another Forward Pen

  1. Dear Deb, judging by the apparent quality and attractiveness of this one, it would seem that the success or failure of the old pen companies depended much more on marketing and chance than inherent quality. Thanks for broadening my knowledge.

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