Tuppence Says…

Hello! It’s me again! You may remember that when I first came to visit, Deb christened me McTavish. Since then she has discovered my real name, Tuppence. It’s appropriate because I’m small for a grown-up cat and it also hints at how astonishingly cute I am.

I’m lucky to have this job of Part-Time Assistant Fountain Pen Restorer. Actually I’m pretty well full-time as I arrive at 8am and remain until 8pm when I have to go home.

The reason I am so glad to work with Deb is because the lady who owns me (or thinks she does) adopted another cat, a horrid black and white monster who is a BRUTE and a BULLY. He has a tendency toward violence and steals my food. His table manners are atrocious, he has bad breath and he smells. I choose not to associate with him.

It’s much more pleasant to come here and fix pens with Deb. I don’t know how she would manage without me. I do have a little nap now and again, lasting about ten hours out of the twelve and of course I need lots of stroking and worship in recognition of my extreme cuteness.

2 thoughts on “Tuppence Says…

  1. Lovely story, brought a smile to my face, thank you 🙏

    Our passion is our 4 border collies, Gus the youngest (11 months) has the most delightful personality.

    Stay fit and well,


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