Another Swan Leverless L205/62

I’ve written about the Leverless L205/62 before and the search box at the top right will find those entries.

There are several truly outstanding Swan patterns and this is one of them. Some of those patterns score by their subtlety but this isn’t one of those. This is a bold and eye-catching pattern. So much so that I can’t have this pen as I would never get any work done with it as I would be constantly distracted by its glowing colours.

The nib is one of those that has a dip just before the tipping material. This has the same effect as Sheaffer’s tip-tilted nibs or the Waverley dip nib. It makes for a very pleasant writer.


5 thoughts on “Another Swan Leverless L205/62

  1. Hi Deb, what an absolute gem of a pen! This one is exceptional, thanks for sharing. That nib sounds interesting, I’d lovely to test it out. I’ll keep a lookout for it on your sales website.

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