Blackbird BB2/46 Oriental Blue

There are several Mabie Todd patterns that have so far evaded me. Some are extremely rare and it’s unlikely I’ll ever see them. The /46 pattern, Oriental Blue, is far from common but it does turn up occasionally.

In eBay I saw a Blackbird BB2/46 without a cap. The seller had held on to it for years in the hope of finding a cap without success. He decided to move it on. I hesitated for a bit. Clearly the pen had little commercial value but not everything is about selling – it’s a hobby too. I bid on the pen and got it.

The very bright blue and russet pattern does not disappoint. It stands out beautifully. I went through the spares to find a cap that would fit. This one does; the diameter and the threads are correct but it looks decidedly odd. Never mind, it makes the pen useable.

It’s a delight in use with its highly unusual stub nib. I would not be surprised to find such a nib on a Swan of this period but not on a Blackbird. It’s a gorgeous nib.

I’m not usually all that fond of Frankenpens. Some I have seen are dreadful freaks. The exception is a mixture of Parker parts I have that works very well. This Blackbird Frankenpen is not so elegant. Perhaps in time I’ll find a better cap though I don’t think there’s any hope of finding the correct one. This will do for the moment as it allows me to use a splendid rarity. It’s a pity that Mabie Todd didn’t make more use of this pattern. As someone said to me, imagine this on a large Leverless.


4 thoughts on “Blackbird BB2/46 Oriental Blue

  1. Looks lovely…ish and sounds good.
    Should you come across a great supply of 46 caps, i have been holding on to 2 off BB2/46 and 1 BB2B/46 barrel for years, no decades, so would bite your hand off.
    In the meantime probably my favorite Mabie Todd blue is this Visofil. Great writer, perfect weight and size 129mm capped, 12mm barrel, 17.6 grams and a lovely No 2 semi-flex.

  2. Is this the same material that waterman called “Turquoise ” ? You can see it used on their Patrician model. And of course on many other pens like the Stephens 56 – 76 lines.

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