Swan SF300B

If you would like to read more about this excellent Swan model use the search facility above. I wrote about it at length some years ago.

I was delighted to find this pen in eBay. They’re not at all common and are delightful pens. All those I’ve had previously were flexible and this one’s no exception. The seller was evidently not a pen person. He described the material as acrylic. Rather strangely, he wanted £13 for economy delivery! I decided to deal with that later and made sure I had secured the pen, then challenged him over postage. He didn’t actually reply but refunded me £6 – which still left him well in pocket!

The pen arrived this morning, full of black ink and dripping everywhere! I flushed it and cleaned up the mess. I opened the pen to find a tiny sac had been attached, with no talc. I attached the proper size of sac and dipped it in talc.

Am I making a fuss about nothing? I don’t think I am. No harm was done because the pen came to me but if it had gone to an end user they would have been very unhappy with the small amount of ink it held and in a few weeks the sac would have attached itself to the pressure bar and been punctured.

The lesson here is that if you’re going to repair pens for sale, find out how it should be done first. There’s no excuse for not knowing. The information is available all over the web, there are courses in pen repair and there is Marshall & Oldfield’s excellent pen repair volume.


2 thoughts on “Swan SF300B

  1. Deb. Lovely pen…

    I’ve had the same problem a few times…it’s pretty annoying.
    Most have been from folk that also sell hats and books and costume jewellery 🤣
    and wouldn’t know one end of a pen from the other, and to be fair, sometimes do say ..I know nothing about this item…..
    From a pen seller it would be inexcusable.

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