Which Wyvern?

I think I’ve mentioned before that I would like to have a good example of each of the main British brands. This isn’t to form a collection in the usual sense of the word. Rather, I want to have each as a good, dependable writer that suits my hand. So far I have Swans, as you would expect, Conway Stewarts, Parkers, a Summit and a Mentmore. I don’t really want a Burnham so that leaves me looking for a Wyvern. I’m not really sure which model to go for. The post-war oddities don’t especially appeal to me. The “Perfect Pen” is perhaps nearest to what I want and the nibs are very good but they have not always aged well. I wouldn’t want one of the famous 30s/40s hide-covered pens – too expensive and not at all to my taste.

Wyvern was a great and long-lived company, one of the older British fountain pen firms. It surprises me that I’m having so much difficulty getting one of their pens for my everyday use.

Any suggestions?


3 thoughts on “Which Wyvern?

  1. I love the dark green marbling on my Perfect Pen No 81 – though it is quite small. My mum tells me she had one just like it when she was at school. School kids had it good back in the day, I had a Platignum Silverline!

  2. My favourites are the woodgrain/mottled hard rubber ones. I think the lever has to be the dragon’s tail!

  3. I would go for one of the Torpedo ones that are also branded Ingersoll. The best colour is orange, but there is also a very nice lapis and even jade (although these are often discoloured). Failing that I would go for the Redwing.

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