Sheaffer Triumph

The other day I was clearing out a drawer to use it for something else and I came upon this pen. It was one of my early ventures into US vintage pens and I often wondered what had happened to it. It must have been during one of our many house-moves that it was put away safely and subsequently forgotten. I am informed by someone much more knowledgeable about Sheaffer’s many Balance-shaped models than I am that it is a Triumph of 1942 onwards. After all those years of neglect it filled perfectly and it’s a splendid writer, a Western fine.


2 thoughts on “Sheaffer Triumph

  1. I love the quill pen shape of the Triumph nib. I have one as a desk pen with an XF nib which I use every day for notes and diary entries. That the nib is individually numbered only adds to the appeal.

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