Is This Heresy?

There are some occasions when you need an alternative to a fountain pen. I’ve tried various types over the years. Though I’m not obsessed about it I really don’t like ballpoints. I could live with the angle, reluctantly, but not the pressure. There are so many options available but in the end I settled on the Pilot G-2 pen.

It has a lot going for it. It’s not expensive but it’s not a throwaway pen. Refills – also inexpensive – are available and it’s surely better to throw away a refill rather than a whole pen. It’s durable; I’ve been using the same one for a decade. The clicky mechanism is light and reliable and the design is unostentatious and comfortable. The transparent barrel allows you to check the level of the refill which lasts well and the pen has a strong plastic clip.

In use it requires just as light a touch as a fountain pen. The angle at which you hold it tends toward the vertical but not as rigidly as a ballpoint. Perhaps if I had to write pages with it I would find faults with it but I have no reason to do so. I use it for export labels and the forms of officialdom. Taking cost against practicality and usefulness I think the G-2 is a winner!

(Doesn’t that sound like one of those FPN reviews?)

5 thoughts on “Is This Heresy?

  1. Haven’t read FPN for YEARS!! 😂😂 YOU, I read 🤣🤣 I can’t abide gel pens and their ilk though. Having a heavy hand that means I need to focus when I use a fountain pen — and I like that, a lot — I stick with a ballpoint as my alternative. I have a range of pens… absolutely all of them with Fisher Space Pen medium, black refills 🤣🤣 At least it lets me write reliably on aeroplanes… when/if they ever start flying again 😂

      1. Uh huh, fully understood. I read quite a lot of FPN years ago; did not like most of the attitudes and the back and forth, so I went elsewhere.

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