Many thanks to those of you who replied to my last blog post. On consideration I think I’ll keep the ultrasonic cleaner I have. My main use for it – and that very seldom – is with the antioxidant. I occasionally get an accommodation clip in a poor state which can be improved with that mixture. So far as cleaning is concerned I think I can do better with cotton buds and small brushes.

Your comments were invaluable, not only for me but also for other readers as is made clear by one of the responses. I have always thought that the comments were at least as useful as the blog posts themselves, an example being Raymond Wiker’s comment on the post about the Cross pen, a brand about which I know very little. Indeed, I am no expert on any one brand though I have some knowledge of Mabie Todd. I am very fortunate that there are many among my readers who generously share their great knowledge and expertise here.

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