Cross Century

Buying small lots of pens is a lucky dip. The lot usually contains one or two pens that you want and the rest may or may not be useful. Several years ago I bought such a small collection and it contained this Cross Century. It’s an advertising pen with a Ford decal, making it probably unsaleable.

It lay in a drawer for years. It’s a cartridge/converter pen and I had neither converter nor Cross cartridges. Recently I came upon it and decided that it merited a small outlay on cartridges. They came a few days ago and I finally tried the pen.

I can’t say it was a disappointment because I never expected much of it. It’s a metal pen which I don’t care for but at least the section is plastic, giving a better grip. The nib is medium, again not my choice. Worse, it’s that blobby, indistinct medium that you get on so many modern pens. It’s like those making some modern nibs had one described to them but never actually saw one. Of course I could improve that with a little time and Micromesh if I chose.

Also, it’s a very slender pen and my hand begins to ache with it after an A5 page or so. On the plus side, the ink delivery is very good.

It’s unlikely to be one of my favoured pens, then. Later Cross pens are thicker, even the Century II which otherwise looks similar. I hear good things about modern Cross nibs too, made by one of the Japanese factories. I won’t be rushing out to get one, even so. If anyone would like this pen let me know. First come, first served. If I’m sending it to a UK address I won’t worry about the postage cost but for overseas I would be grateful for a little help.


2 thoughts on “Cross Century

  1. That pen is actually a Cross Century II… The original Century and the new Century Classic are even slimmer, while the Townsend is a bit chunkier, and quite a lot heavier.

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