The McTavish Report

It’s been a busy day! I did writing samples for eleven pens. It started out as twelve but one just had to be chased off the table and under the sofa so it’s eleven. Photography and descriptions tomorrow.

I’m learning and working hard and I think the boss will keep me on. That’s great. I love it here. No other cat here to annoy me and if it’s not busy I can sleep on the bed. Only thing – they don’t feed me. I have to go home to get a can of cat food.

So, being as charming and adorbs as I am I’m pretty sure I will soon be the Permanent Part-time Assistant Pen Fixer and Chaser Under the Sofa.


One thought on “The McTavish Report

  1. Glad to hear McTavish is sticking around. You may have to increase his “pay” by way of occasional kitty treats, as good help is so hard to find these days.

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