Older Japanese Pens

As you will have gathered by now, I’m not all that keen on modern pens. Why would I spend £300 on a modern pen when I can get a better one for £75 that was made before I was born? There are exceptions. I have a Waterman Carene which I bought because of its beautiful inlaid nib and it turned out to be a great writer. I also have a Platinum 3776, a pen that’s been around for a long time and has a deservedly high reputation.

I bought some of the modern entry-level Japanese pens and I loved the nibs. It’s almost like they were made for me: fine and precise with completely reliable ink delivery. That got me looking for older Japanese pens, from forty to sixty years old. So far, I’ve bought half a dozen for my own use. I’m drafting this with one of them now, a dark red Platinum. I can’t tell the model name or number. I can’t find any good reference for these post-1960 pens which were probably entry-level then.

One of the many great things about Japanese pens is that no matter their age, they all take present-day cartridges and converters. I have some cartridges but I tend towards converters which allow me to use the ink of my choice.

I have some great old Swans, Parkers and Conway Stewarts and I use them all the time but I always have a couple of these older Japanese pens in my wrap. Whenever I feel like a change I’ll lay aside my Swan and pick up an old Pilot or Sailor.

We’re lucky these days. There are so many great old pens available. Mostly I buy unrestored pens to improve and sell on but it isn’t all business for me. This began as my hobby and it still is that. I’m fortunate in that I get to handle so many lovely pens and I also get to keep a few.


4 thoughts on “Older Japanese Pens

  1. If helpful to you, I thought this post was very helpful on pre-WWII Pilot pens; the person who wrote it seems to know what they are talking about and has emailed back and forth with me on a few things.

    I agree with you on the Japanese pens – they tend to run finer and the feeds worth very well; I like Pilot nibs very much – just seem to be such a smooth nib even as fine as they are.

    Link: https://www.reddit.com/r/fountainpens/comments/he3osp/prewar_pilot_fountain_pens_and_how_to_buy_them/

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