Checking In

Hello again! Sorry to have been off the air for a bit. My husband has been unwell. It’s hard keeping this one-woman show on the road when things go wrong. He’s on the mend now, though slowly, and I hope to be a bit more active here and on the sales site. A dozen pens have been sitting awaiting write-testing for a fortnight!

I have been gradually picking away at buying, though, and I managed to nab a few things. Ebay seems to have run into a sparse patch lately, with a shortage of exciting Mabie Todd pens. That’s not to say I haven’t managed to get a few but it has been hard work. Mostly it’s a list of black self-fillers and Leverlesses. I would be perfectly happy with them but some of my customers like a splash of colour.

Before I limited myself to Mabie Todd pens, I could buy some at auctions that accepted online bids. The costs were a little high but if I got a large lot of pens that didn’t matter so much. Of course it is rare indeed to find a large lot of Swans and Blackbirds so that’s out these days. But never worry! I’m a crafty buyer and there will always be something good on my sales site.

2 thoughts on “Checking In

  1. I was wondering what happened to your post. Glad to know Eachen is on the mend now. Trying times, makes one remember the most important things in life are being together…

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