Short Silver Swan

Twice I’ve drafted posts about this little pen and twice they didn’t seem right so I shall try the “less is more” approach and just say that it was made in 1938, it is quietly understated and the chasing is subtle. And it is my heart’s desire.


4 thoughts on “Short Silver Swan

  1. A Beautiful Silver Swan and look at all of those silver hallmarks! I miss those on American or German sterling silver pens. Is the silver on the Swan pens an overlay or heavy and solid like the ones found on Yard-O-Led? I once had the chance to look at a Grand Barley Y-o-L at the Los Angeles pen show many years ago and now understand the term “Silver Bat” used for it.

    1. Hello James,
      Swan made solid silver pens. I’ve had a Y-o-L in the past and though very attractive it was too heavy to use, for me, at least. It may be the case that a full-size silver Swan will be very heavy too. This short one is just right.

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