A Frankenset

This set was sold as a Mabie Todd Swan Minor No 2. The cap, clip, nib and section are from that pen. The barrel, though no imprints remain, appears to be from a De La Rue pen. Two questions: Which De La Rue or Onoto is the barrel from and what is the pencil?

4 thoughts on “A Frankenset

  1. That is certainly curious. The only observation I can make is that the section really does look like a Mabie Todd one, a curious and attractive Frankenpen. The pencil No Idea I am afraid.

    1. The section has “Swan” on it so it isn’t a problem. The pencil looks like one of the Conway Stewarts to me, though I don’t know which one and it might be just about anything else.

  2. I think it’s actually a daily herald not a Onoto/ De Le Rue. The pencil is probably a Daily Herald too.

    1. Hi Diploa,
      There isn’t actually a pen called a Daily Herald. The Daily Herald publication issued pens bearing their name from time to time, to encourage people to buy their newspaper. These pens were made by various companies, some, perhaps, by De La Rue. This pen and pen set are made up of different parts. You will see this most obviously in the different patterns of the mottled hard rubber.

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