An Inky Mystery

Fountain pen enthusiasts will know that ink potentially gets everywhere. I’ve found ink drops on work surfaces of course, but also beside the sink, on the kitchen counter, on the bathroom sink, and once on the toilet seat. It gave me pause. I mean, I know that we do live and breathe fountain pens in our house, but… ink on the toilet seat?

In any case, today’s ink mystery is this: My husband and I were getting things together for dinner which involved a messy extraction of barbecued ribs from shrink-wrap. I grabbed a paper towel from the roll in the kitchen to wipe off my hands and ended up with this (note: this was after I’d washed my hands… that ink isn’t going anywhere):

The ink was still so liquid that there was actually a drop under that fingernail. It was all over the paper towel where I’d wiped my hands, but only the left hand. There was no ink bleed-through on any other paper towels, no splashes on the countertop (a small end-section of a counter where neither of us would have set down a pen or parts), no ink on the paper towel holder, no ink anywhere except halfway down my left pinky finger and a tiny bit on the inside of my ring finger.

Gordon was dealing with the next rack of ribs after which he, too, came over to get a paper towel. He’s been working on some pens today so he was a bit inky already but when he looked at his hands, he had fresh ink spots as well.

We still can’t figure out where it’s coming from.


8 thoughts on “An Inky Mystery

  1. Aliens. 🙂 From the 18th dimension. They are perhaps trying to communicate that they have a 1920s Swan BHR pen that needs repair. So they open up wormholes and splatter Parker Quink all over the place.

    1. Sock elves, eh? I have Brownies which are supposed to be helpful but they never wash the dishes or hoover the carpets. Pretty useless, really. I shall ask them very nicely to eject the Sock Elves. See if they can do something to justify their existence,

  2. Deb. I have found the very worst of all inks for ending up in the weirdest of places; ‘ ‘Nitrogen royal blue’.( and similar sheening inks)
    Because it is a fiercely sheening ink, when it dries around the bottle cap etc, the molecule sized specks must waft around the house, and when they reconstitute from just vapour in the air, or a wipe of the nose, or anything near the sink, they turn into a surprisingly huge smear of intense blue ….
    I’ve found traces of it in places one wouldn’t have imagined too 😳

    1. Hello Rob,
      I don’t have any sheening inks so I am spared that particular nuisance. I suspect the ink that turned up in the kitchen is Diamine Sargasso Sea, which is a very intense (and messy) blue.

  3. I keep finding a turquoise ink in the bathroom and despite cleaning the bathroom many times from top to bottom it still appears. I have absolutely no idea how it’s getting there.

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