Swan Feeds

I sold an eyedropper pen recently with Mabie Todd’s version of the spoon feed, not unlike Waterman’s and equally efficient. Though Mabie Todd experimented with the over-and-under feed and improved it over the years, the spoon feed was noticeably better, giving good ink delivery. It was also much less likely to drop a blot.

Good though they were, those feeds were not produced for long. Mabie Todd’s R&D came up with the superior ladder feed, so good that it lasted as long as the company.


6 thoughts on “Swan Feeds

    1. Wow! I’m overwhelmed by your gratitude! Just because a subject comes to mind doesn’t mean I have examples to hand. But that’s okay, I’m sure you’ll find another 11-year-old blog that does things better.

  1. Hi Deb—

    Congratulations on your 11th year of this blog! The vast majority of us (>99%) enjoy reading, sharing, and learning from your posts, although there are a few “Dimwitted” individuals who don’t seem to know how to be polite in the real world. But as with any population of “n” individuals, there are always a few outliers.

    Pity you don’t have one of these on your keyboard.

    Thanks again for your posts and stay safe and well in these uncertain times.

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