Goodwriters Sales Site Closed

Well here we are again, with Covid Mark II spreading like wildfire! As during last spring, I must decide what to do for the best. Given that we are in full lockdown, I’m not sure whether the police would look kindly upon our trips to the Post Office to despatch pens. More to the point, given my husband’s poor health and the virulence of the virus, I think those are trips we don’t want to make. I have four pens to send out today and they will go but that’s the last.

With great regret I shall close the sales website. It will be temporary and I hope it will be of short duration. I hate having to do it and it isn’t about the money. I enjoy the activity and the friendly discussion about pens that often precedes a sale. I will still provide as much information as I can here in the blog and Eachan will be available in Fountain Pen Geeks and Fountain Pen Network. It’s a nuisance but not a disaster.

4 thoughts on “Goodwriters Sales Site Closed

  1. Sorry to hear this, as I was just about to have a look at your site, but is a very sensible decision considering. I keep fingers crossed that you’ll be able to open up again soon. In the meantime, do take care.

    1. I do hope I’ll be able to open the site again soon but given the way things are developing I’m not too sure. I do wish people would behave themselves and we would get over this all the sooner.

  2. So sorry to see this happen to you again. Hopefully things will return to a some what normalcy sometime soon. Considering myself very lucky that my order got in under the wire. At least we can share your views from the blog until you are able to open the sales site again.

    You and your husband please take care

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