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This blog began on October 3, 2010 and there are 1,312 posts. Some of them will be brief or humorous entries but it’s still quite a few. When I began writing it I was conscious that while the US brands were well-served online there was little about British pens apart from Jonathan Donahaye’s wonderful Conway Stewart site. Our find brands like Mabie Todd, Summit, Wyvern, Mentmore and the rest remained in obscurity. I wanted to provide some searchable information, however brief and unscholarly, about the British brands. To some degree, at least, I have succeeded in that aim.

WordPress includes a page of statistics and I can see how many people use the search feature every day to find out about pens and repair procedures. That’s exactly how I hoped the blog would work once it had some content. It’s so nice when something works out!

As I’ve said before, I’m restricting myself to restoring Mabie Todd pens. I’ve explained that there are several reasons for that but one is that there are additional claims on my time. I will, of course, continue to write about anything interesting that comes my way. If you come across something I haven’t written about before, or attracts your attention for any reason, I’ll be pleased to write about it if you care to send me details and photos.

A large part of my pleasure in the blog is your comments and the discussions we have had. I wonder if there’s anyone still reading who was here at the start. Of course there are a great many who have subscribed but have never commented. Those I don’t know, of course, but I’m grateful for the presence of all of you.

This blog won’t end as long as I’m capable of battering at a keyboard but it may be less active than it was. See you around!

6 thoughts on “This Blog

  1. Always interested in your blogs, thanks for keeping them going, it’s a fun diversion from the madness out there !

  2. I’ve said and written it before, and am happy to reiterate: this blog really is an invaluable gift to the vintage fountain pen world. I became aware of its existence years ago when doing a Google search on vintage Parker pens, and through this blog gradually discovered all of the (sadly disappeared) British brands. Me finding the blog was no coincidence: when you do a search on a British vintage pens, the main Google results almost always will be this blog and the Fountain Pen Network. And this blog often provides the most helpful information. Bravo and thanks again.


    1. Thank you, Hans! Though I’m sure there will be interesting rarities that appear from time to time, I feel I’ve done the bulk of what I’ve set out to do. The blog will stand as a reference. Times change and research turns up new information but at least the blog will be a starting point for people with a pen they don’t recognise or wish to know more about.

  3. I just realized looking at your sales site you are in the UK, I apologize for my blog response a few minutes ago about printing your own postage and have packages picked up… typical US arrogance 🙂 sorry, Sharyn

    1. Not at all, Sharyn! I think we have a similar system but some of my international mailing can get quite complicated and beyond what Royal Mail can deal with in that way. I hope you can find something that you like. If you think I can help, contact me by email.

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