Pens in Stock

I’ve been buying a lot lately and though I have also been selling a lot I have enough good stock for the moment. A good thing? Yes, of course. There are a lot of pens for my customers to browse through. But there is also a downside. I have no pens to restore and I miss that. Without new (to me) pens coming in, it’s difficult to find new subjects for the blog. I suppose you could say that however well off I was I would find something to moan about.

One thought on “Pens in Stock

  1. Dear Deb,

    On the perceived lack of subjects.

    I know that you have written about “repair” before, but would suggest that you consider an “update” or a “supplement” of those earlier posts. I (and I suspect many other visitors of your blog and site) continue to be fascinated by the magic that you apparently are able to exercise in resuscitating fountain pens from the dead.

    Also, I continue to be intrigued by the different tipping shapes/sizes – in particular the differences between “Anglo Saxon” tipping (potentially influenced by Spencerian-type writing taught at schools) versus “German” tipping – more often obliques and stubs, at least in my very non-representative experience; I recently read somewhere that the German “Sütterlin” script required other than traditional fine and medium nibs. My mother in law shortly before she died in 2016 gave me her 50’s Peilkan (it may have been her graduation or wedding present). A double broad, stubbish 14K nib that is very slightly left oblique, and flexible, too. It took me literally years to tame it.

    My Christmas card to you will, of course, be written with a Swan. Your latest 1060 writes so well – and is so throughly used – that I slowly am becoming afraid that its remaining tipping will wear off at some point. All the more reason to write with a very light hand.

    And, once again but never too often, thanks for continuing the blog.




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