Which Conway Stewart?

This is an old Conway Stewart and a good ‘un, part of my own collection of very good writers. A very sculptural section there!

A pen bearing this number was available from very early in the company’s production and changed a little over the years. This is the early thirties version. Conway Stewarts got more colourful after this but I don’t think they got better. This is a splendid pen.

It once had quite deep chasing but it has gone almost entirely from the barrel and is shallow on the cap. That’s hard rubber, as I said my last post.

Beautiful knurling on the top of the cap. The only pen I have with better knurling is my Ford. But anyway, what number Conway Stewart is this? If the correct answer comes from the UK I’ll send you a good (but not expensive) modern pen. If the correct guess comes from overseas you’ll have my profound gratitude and admiration for your knowledge of British pens (it’s the cost of the shipping)


27 thoughts on “Which Conway Stewart?

  1. I am , but don’t worry about the prize – I have too many pens already , it was the fun of the guessing and the fact that I now know what a CS 205 looks like ,rather than the prize

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