A Big Swan

The predecessor of this pen was the flat-topped wartime 2060. The change to a torpedo shape is purely aesthetic – same huge nib, same innards. Indeed, if this pen had a number it would also be 2060. The number guy was off work that day. He’d been off quite a lot. Hangovers. His superiors were keeping an eye on the situation.

It really is all about appearance. Both pens feel similar in the hand. They’re big with a lot of girth, very comfortable to use.

This was a bank manager’s pen. Not only did he refuse your loan application, he sneered at your little pen while doing so. They’re all small compared with this one. Unless you were the rare person that came in with the Swan with the No 8 nib. In which case he would definitely be intimidated into granting your loan.

10 thoughts on “A Big Swan

  1. Ahem, I have trouble imagining a scenario in which the owner of a #8 Swan needs a loan … except perhaps to refinance the loan he took out to acquire the beast?…

      1. I can confirm that, I have a pen that looks identical to the one in Deb’s pictures and It has the 2060 number stamped on the base of the barrel. Must have been processed during a day that the numbers guy was sober.

    1. David, I’ll try to research this further when I can – I have to go out shortly for the rest of the day. The one 4060 I have found in a cursory search online appears to have a No 2 nib.

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