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A Short Story:
It was a dark, chilly Highland evening.  The tiny Conway Stewart Dinkie felt alone, so alone, floating in a sea of Swans.  A Blackbird looked down sympathetically but had no chirps of comfort.  Then the Dinkie felt slight movement nearby!  Nestled beside it in the colourfully decorative Conway Stewart box was a wee pencil, a lovely match, ready to share the Dinkie’s fate.  It gleamed as brightly as the Dinkie when the box was opened, and together they felt brave and beautiful.
They wait in silence together. 

Will you give this short story a happily-ever-after?

6 thoughts on “Latest Uploads to Sales Site

  1. Hi Deb,

    Yes, they live in peace togeather.
    Even my 1940’s Royal Airforce marked Blackbird doesn’t attac the wartime german Böhler…

    Stay well

  2. It is getting dark at 14.56 on 13/11/2020 in Leicestershire. The new pens are not on my computer.
    so I am going home. regards bill

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