Mabie Todd Swan Leverless L206/60

After all the colourful pens I’ve been writing about lately, we mustn’t forget about the black, everyday pens that made up the bulk of Mabie Todd’s business.

I toyed with the idea of using the term “penny plain” to describe this pen in its contrast with the VT340/76 and the L330/64 but of course even though it is black with chrome trim it would have cost a great many pennies when it was new in the late thirties or wartime.

Far from being plain, the engine chasing ensures that the pen flickers in the light. Also, it’s a Leverless, a filling system unique to Swans.

The pen has retained its plating well. The chasing stands as sharp as the day it was cut and the barrel imprint has not worn at all. The only fault is that it has lost the little gold Swan from the top of the cap.

The No 2 nib is a fine/medium stub with some flexibility. I installed a No 20 sac and the pen holds a lot of ink. Taken all in all, this “penny plain” pen is rather special!

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