Gold Filled Swan Set

It isn’t often that you get a 1930s gold filled pen set in pristine condition. Even the case still has its original shine!

Clearly this was a presentation set, reverently stored and never used. Both pen and pencil bear the inscription J Arnold Fleming, who was famous enough to have his own Wikipedia entry. John Arnold Fleming used the abbreviated form of his name for his journalism. He was also an industrial chemist, author and philanthropist. He died in 1966.

The quality of this set shows in the detail. It is always here, at the junction of the metal and hard rubber that ink eats away at the plating. It’s immaculate on this pen. The chased pattern is very fine.

9 thoughts on “Gold Filled Swan Set

  1. Deb. This is really gorgeous. One shudders to think what it might be worth…( and whether one could live without a kidney to buy it 🤣😩)

  2. Wow! Where did you get this!? You may want to auction it — there will be many of us who lost for it.
    How many kidneys does a person have….? 🤔

    1. Hi cybaea,
      It will go up for sale on the sales site in the usual way. The price will be commensurate with its quality but it won’t be like the lunatic BIN prices you see in eBay!

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