My Assistant Gets Busy

Me:  I thought you were going to write-test those pens today…

Smartie:  Go away.

Me: You slept through the Grand Prix.  You must be refreshed by now!

Smartie: Go away.

Me:  You’re in the way.  I can’t get to that bookshelf…

Smartie:  Tough.  Go away.

Me:  I may have to reconsider your employment if this continues.

Smartie:  I’m 14 years old.  That’s 110 in your years.  I retire.  Go away.

2 thoughts on “My Assistant Gets Busy

  1. Ah, dear old Ms. Smartie! You have to remember that while her human “owners” are sleeping away late at night, Ms. Smartie is prowling around the house keeping away real and/or imagined boogermen away. So come daylight, she deserves her long naps, especially if there is a shaft of sunlight coming in through the window.

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