Posting Pens to the US

There was a week or two when deliveries to American addresses were going through quite quickly, almost back to normal. Then it all went wrong. Packages get across the Atlantic quite quickly but then they go nowhere for ages.

I’m aware from the news that there is interference with the US mail and doubtless that’s what underlies the difficulties I’m experiencing in sending pens to my US customers. This is not a political blog and none of that is my business. All I’m concerned with is whether I should be sending valuable packages to America when they may disappear into limbo for a long time.

If US customers wish to place orders I will send pens but I would advise caution for the moment.

2 thoughts on “Posting Pens to the US

  1. Deb…from what I can tell, there’s some heavy duty bad stuff going down with their postal service !! and it doesn’t look like it’s going to get better any time soon at all…
    Delivery times do seem to be getting longer and longer, and I for one have decided to take a giant rain check on buying anything from there …..limbo is just too dodgy when we’re talking expensive and or irreplaceable pens !!

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