This is part of a very battered 4261 which I probably won’t write about as there’s nothing special to say about it.  The peg had broken, an unfortunate thing that can happen to any of us with a slip of the hand or a second’s inattention.

It’s a pity I didn’t take a picture before I went to work on it.  The previous repairer had used some glue to try to replace the broken part of the section, a fairly hopeless task given the outward pressure that the feed applies.  He had done it with the feed in place, possibly because it gave the broken fragment some support.  It had all the makings of a goodly disaster…

It hadn’t worked, of course, and the glue had overspread the end of the feed and had seeped into the channels.  I could scrape it off the end but the channels defeated me.  I ran a brass wire brush over it in the hope it would remove the glue but not damage the channels.  Didn’t work.  The usual advice in these situations is to run a fine blade along the channels but I never do that.  It invariably cuts the bottom of the channel which isn’t an improvement.  Time to resort to the spares bin.

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