A 1951 Blackbird Lever Filler

There are some changes from earlier models in this 1951 Blackbird.  Most obviously the way of fitting the clip has changed from the inserted type to something like the Waterman of the time.

The barrel imprint has moved to near the section and reads Mabie Todd and Co Ltd.  Made in England with no mention of Blackbird.  The pen is identified as a Blackbird on the section and nib.

This present example is probably unused and bears the price tag 14/8d.  Not a cheap pen, then, but a pen of good quality.  It’s rather difficult to establish a true present-day price equivalent but a pen as good as this wouldn’t leave much change out of £200 now.

The pattern is attractive and the material (celluloid?) is thick and robust.  The nib gives slight line variation but it is splendidly springy rather than flexible.  At this point Mabie Todd had five years to go but this Blackbird was built to last and surely reflects confidence in the company.


4 thoughts on “A 1951 Blackbird Lever Filler

  1. Deb, I have an almost mint marbled red one of these, they are a good solid pen.
    I was also pleased to find that it had a lovely semiflex nib .
    These must have been almost the last gasp for the flex nibs.

    1. You’re right, though Swan and Blackbird nibs often remained good right up to the end. I’ve taken nibs out of the hideous irreparable Swan Warwick – the twist filler – that were very good and gave some line variation.

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