The Stupid Government

Packages sent to America have been delivered at about their usual speed: ten days or so. Things are generally much improved. Talking to the respiratory consultant in the main hospital here, he seemed to regard Covid-19 as almost over in the Northern Highlands. I was on the point of re-opening the sales website in the coming week.

And then the stupid government threw tourism wide open, despite a quite high rate of infections elsewhere in the UK. There will be a train of RVs and camper vans heading north even now, sizzling with coronavirus. As we have had few infections here we are vulnerable to a real outbreak. I certainly won’t open the sales site and I may have to batten down the hatches again. I hope not.

For the time being, if there’s anything on the sales site that you want to buy, let me know. I can certainly send it out just now and if matters get worse and I don’t want to go to the post office I can reserve it for you and take it off the site so no one else can ask for it. I don’t charge for reserved pens until I am ready to send them.

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