Looking for Advice

I’ve been told that WordPress might not be ideal for what I want to do with the Brindle site.  Someone with experience in these matters says that WordPress now is a sea of plugins, not all of which are well coded.  It would take some time and experimentation to discover which plugins would be best for my purpose.  Also, these plugins are frequently updated, again not always well.  What would work for me today might not tomorrow.  He recommended Google Sheets which can then be embedded into a free Google Site.  I’m not all that keen on falling into the clutches of the Google Evil Empire but perhaps I should put my prejudices on one side if this will work well.

Any experience, comments, thoughts?

7 thoughts on “Looking for Advice

  1. Deb…my opinion on the technical issues is ….worthless.
    But you’re right about …’the Evil Empire’….
    …wish I could help more .
    There will be someone who knows a good way to do it ….

    Keep the faith.

  2. I am not a guru in either of your options however I would posit that since the original site cannot be updated due to the obsolescence of the software that it was created in then it might be prudent to not rely on the vagaries of updates on plugins. The next time there might not be a “you” to take it on.

  3. Hi, I have no knowledge of the subject but Anthony, the man who does “UK Fountain Pens” uses WordPress and reading his blogs he seems to be an honest and well respected blogger. His posts are well thought through and relevant to the subject so he might be a good source of unbiased information. hope this is of help.
    Martin Stewart

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