Sending Out Pens

I sent the first pens since the beginning of the coronavirus lockdown this week.  Only UK addresses so far.  I despatched a pen to the US towards the end of March and it arrived at its destination this week.  I have yet to decide what the lesson is – is this how long I can expect a cross-Atlantic delivery to take, or does this mean the huge delay in deliveries is finally at an end?  Also, I don’t want to be hanging around in a post office too long.  I’m using one about eight miles away because it’s safer than the local one but still, postmasters don’t always have much control over their somewhat loony customers.  I will charitably say that the lady I shared space with on Tuesday may have been suffering from the consequences of the lockdown.  Whatever the cause, her constant braying laughter was filling the air with a heavy shower of droplets, hopefully not virus-laden.  No mask of course.

2 thoughts on “Sending Out Pens

  1. A friend I went to college with back in the last century, is now an infectious disease doc’ in London. We were talking last week, and she described a patient she encountered at a London hospial, wearing a knitted balaclava, with two sanitary towels precariously stuck to the outside. Apparently it was because he couldn’t find anywhere to get an actual face mask. “Points for ingenuity.” She said with a smile. “I sent him home with a face mask.”

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