Stephens Fixed Blue

I picked up this bottle of Stephens Fixed Blue ink for a song considering the price of ink these days.  It’s about half full.  The seller packed it well but there was a tiny bit of leakage by time it got to me.  Really just an insignificant amount – until it got on my fingers, where it became truly significant.  It is, indeed, fixed!  With much washing I was able to reduce it, not remove it!

It’s strange ink.  First applied it looks decidedly purple.  Also, it seemed rather weak, as if it had lost its intensity.  When I looked again I did a double take.  It had become fully blue and it stood out well on the paper despite having been applied with a very fine nib.  I’m very pleased with it but I can’t put a date to it.  “Old”.  That’s near enough!

12 thoughts on “Stephens Fixed Blue

  1. I really can’t remember! It was 60 years ago and not a major event. In the last year we used ink and dip pens instead of pencils to prepare for senior school.

    The major event was that we produced a piece of writing and an ‘expert’ at Osmiroid matched it to the ‘ideal’ nib for us and we bought a 75 for £1.1.0 (might have been more, but it was well over a pound) to use at senior school.

    I got one with a medium nib which was horrible and, despite the cost, was soon lost. I then went through senior school with a series of Platignum lever fills with italic nib mostly like this pen s
    They only cost 2/6

  2. I have one with a cracked cap and a pen missing its cap, but I don’t know where! They surface periodically but don’t form part of my collection

  3. I believe Stephens ink formula was taken over and is now produced by Ecclesiastical Stationary Supplies; ESSRI has been my everyday ink for many years. It is indeed permanent and the devil to remove when spilt. I love it.

    1. Is that so? I was aware of ESSRI of course but I didn’t know it was the successor to Stephens. I read several reviews of this ink. Some say that it is dry and others that it clogs their pens. Despite that I understand it has a strong following. I don’t have much call for a permanent ink as my deathless prose probably isn’t deathless. I already have a blue black that I love, the Diamine variety.

    1. Thank you, Jens. I did come across that excellent post when I was searching for references to the ink I have. Mine is not Radiant Blue, however. ESSRI is very popular and I will try it sometime, when I have reduced the amount of ink I have – a small lake at the moment.

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