My Assistant Says…

You have fourteen or fifteen Swans and Blackbirds that you’ve restored sitting around doing nothing.  Why don’t you upload them to the sales website?  Even if you’re not open for sales it would give people some more pens to look at.

Well, Smartie, I would have to write-test them, photograph them, write descriptions…

So?  What else are you doing?

It just seems a lot of work.  And you’re no help.  You’re supposed to be my assistant.

Never mind the excuses.  You’ve become bone idle during this lockdown.

Guilty as charged.  I’ll do the writing samples if you do the photos…

I would.  Really.  But I have an important cat meeting to attend.  See you later.  Oh, and make my dinner too.

6 thoughts on “My Assistant Says…

    1. She would say thank you, if she was ever grateful for anything. Whatever is done for her she accepts as no more than he due. She is 14 years old and very wise. She rules the roost with an iron paw.

  1. She’s a cat, therefore, you are just her slave, I’m even fountain pen mavens are seen as just being there to provide comforts eg dinner. Seriously, I have just spent far too much time reading through your posts. It’s a great blog, and I love all the pens that are rarely, if ever, available here in the UK. Thanks for taking the time for making such a wonderful source of information and joy.

  2. Who is actually the assistant here? It is unclear from the dialogue. The ‘assistant’, whose interest in birds is entirely understandable and to be applauded, is also clearly right that we all want to see the Swans and Blackbirds even if we can’t buy any (yet)!

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