A Late Mentmore Autoflow.

I think this is the last version of the Mentmore Autoflow, with the flat clip and the sculpted lever. I have yet to restore this pen and, looking at the nib, I am hopeful but not entirely confident as it is bent to the side and backward. That’s rather a challenge!

I’m especially fond of this brown marble in any brand of pen. It speaks of the 30s and 40s to me, somehow typical of that period, more so even than other marble patterns.  Mentmore barrel imprints are especially subject to wear as they are not deeply engraved.


The Autoflow from the first version on has always been a well-designed pen that fits the hand comfortably. Not usually flexible, the nibs are often well supplied with tipping material. Given the gradual changes over time and the variety of finishes, one would imagine that the Autoflow would be a good collector’s pen.


The Autoflow comes in both lever and button filler versions. If I was forced to make a choice I think I would settle for the button filler as being an easier method of filling and more aesthetically pleasing with the unbroken pattern on the barrel.


5 thoughts on “A Late Mentmore Autoflow.

  1. I’m looking forward to seeing this pen when it has been restored, especially the nib which certainly does look a challenge. These are super pens though when restored.
    Keep well every body

    1. I haven’t tackled that nib yet but I will do soon and I will report back on the result. If I could find another Mentmore nib I might not bother but the three nibs I am always short of are Mentmore, Summit and Swan No 1.

      Take care and avoid that nasty bug!

  2. Snap! I’ve just brought one of these back into service, exact same model and colour. I love the shape of the sections.

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