Mabie Todd Swan Leverless L200B/60


Here is a very nice 1930s L200B/60. It’s in celluloid with black hard rubber clip screw and turn button. Celluloid is a harder material than black hard rubber so the chasing on cap and barrel has survived extremely well. In fact it looks new. These are the first Leverless Swans, and came in attractive colours as well as chased black.

Though the pen is outstanding in itself what makes it even better is the medium stub. The stub alone gives considerable line variation and this is multiplied by its flexibility. It’s a wonderful nib and could do great things in the hand of someone who can make best use of it.

To my mind, these 30s Leverlesses are among the best of pens and are at least the equal of any modern pen in quality and convenience of use. The Leverless filling method was a huge sales success for 20-odd years. It was easier to fill than either a lever filler or a button filler. The idea that these pens hold less ink than a lever filler comes from pens that have been badly re-sacced in modern times. A properly serviced Leverless will hold as much ink as any other sac filler.


7 thoughts on “Mabie Todd Swan Leverless L200B/60

  1. A very nice pen indeed, in such wonderful conditions.
    If I had not developed a main interest in Summit pens, I suppose Swans would have become my favourites among British pens. Still, a few nice Swans have joined my modest collection and I am happy to have them.
    Wonderful workmanship, by the way.
    Thanks for the very enjoyable post.

      1. Hi. I hope you don’t mind me asking a question. I have recently found a Swan Mabie Todd leverless fountain pen with 3 gold stripes to the lid. Stamped on the side it says….
        Please could you tell me what that means in terms of age of the pen. It is black with a 14ct nib .
        Thank you so much. Dawn

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