Some Nibs


Upper Left: Swan No 2
Upper Right: Wyvern
Lower Left: Canadian Parker Duofold
Lower Right: Conway Stewart


Couldn’t be more different in design.  The Swan, an oblique, is very sculpted.  The Duofold looks like it’s down to the gold but there is tipping there, though it is quite worn.  I might do some more of these as the subject has taken my interest now.

7 thoughts on “Some Nibs

  1. Deb 🙋🏻‍♂️. Nibs and feeds have always been at the heart of things for me, and I am always in awe of the skill involved in actually producing the nibs.

    Anthropomorphising, as I’m sure we all do, ( surely it’s not just me ??!), I like to imagine all my nibs having personalities….as they all perform differently and require handling in a pretty specific way in order that they write. a: how they were designed to , and b: how they have been worn in by previous owners writing style.
    The range of performance built into each nib is amazing….how there can be so much variation in say a #2 Swan is testimony to the skill and craftsmanship of the makers, and also of the call for nibs for the different writing styles in those days.

    I could go on and on ……

    1. Hi Jens,
      I didn’t realise that you are Schaumberg Swan! I’m not in FPN (though quite busy in Fountain Pen Geeks) but my husband occasionally posts there as Eachan. That is a splendid nib! Swan nibs can be deceptive. I’ve had several with long, tapered tines that were totally firm and high-shouldered stubs that were very flexible. Those nib-makers at Swan infused each nib with a little magic.

      1. Hi Deb,

        I see, Eachan from Scotland! 🙂

        Indeed there are firm nibs looking like flexy ones.
        I have two #3 xf nibs like this. Smooth and precise writers, but not that bit of flex useful to make a highlight/initial letter…
        No very flexible short Swan nibs here, just one fantastic M&C no. 23 oblique bold stub. 🙂 Cameron is an interesting brand somehow…

        Best wishes to You and Eachan

      2. I’m not a flex user, so all those firm nibs are good for me. And they are all different! I agree about M & C, an interesting firm about which it would be good to know more. Many of their pens were made by other companies.

        Take care. Stay healthy.

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