Mabie Todd Blackbird Fountpen

I’m sure most will be familiar with this pen, essentially a BB2/60 without the model number.  What makes this example interesting is the condition.  It’s absolutely immaculate, as is the box.  Even the guarantee paper remains flexible and soft.  I asked the eBay seller where the pen came from.  It was a house clearance after an old man died.  There were other pens which the seller had listed but he took so long to send the Blackbird to me that the others were gone by time I knew to look.

7 thoughts on “Mabie Todd Blackbird Fountpen

  1. Hey Deb.
    Very nice example of this hmm ‘model’.
    It is kinda weird how this model turns up in excellent condition….I’m tempted to say ‘so often ‘
    I’ve always seen them as kind of a ‘Workhorse’ of a pen.
    …..and by that I mean ….the Volkswagen of pens. Loads of them, never breakdown , last for ever !!! ( ok ..never break down might have been stretching it a bit. )

    And as I’m sure you are aware, often came with nibs that are just sublime to write with .
    I have a few of them and a couple are almost …perfect.
    Yours’ box is pretty amazing, and the paper too 👍🏻

    Four simple parts and a nib …in perfect harmony …

    Good one .


  2. Hi,

    great condition, sure not as elegant as a leverless, but nice pens and good daily writers, as their cousins the Swan SM200/60…


  3. Hi Deb
    I’ve wondered for a while what a ‘Fount Pen’ is or was. Was it just a model name or an actual type of pen with some particular characteristic?

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