Mabie Todd Swan L245/60

The L245/60 is not a pen you see often. I don’t know why as it’s such an attractive pen. If the pen isn’t unusual enough, this one, unusually, is clipless. The accommodation clip that has been fitted isn’t my favourite – I’d rather a Swan clip – but like the rest of the pen it’s absolutely immaculate.

This 1930s celluloid pen takes a backward glance to its black hard rubber predecessors with the engine chasing.

It’s completely unworn and sharp enough to cut you. Another element that makes this pen stand out is the milling on the central of three cap bands. The nib is fine and flexible. 80-odd years have made no impression on this pen. It’s like it arrived from the shop today.


6 thoughts on “Mabie Todd Swan L245/60

  1. Hi Deb,

    a nice one. Yes, the clip doesn’t look good here.
    It looks quite “raw” compared with the fine pen and the nice rings.
    I have a L245/60 with swan clip, it’s a good pen, but for my taste the L212/60 has the better balance – the L245 is too long…

    Best regards

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