Mabie Todd & Bard Eyedropper and Gunmetal Travelling Case

The gunmetal travelling case is one I haven’t had before. It certainly provides protection for a pen. It’s quite decorative too, with its brass ends. This one shows that it has had a knock or two and has been well used.

The pen is in better condition, a Mabie Todd & Bard eyedropper with repoussé gold plated bands and some nice chasing.

These old pens are collectors’ items rather than daily users but this one is still as useful as ever with a splendidly flexible nib, as was usual in those early days of the 20th century.

6 thoughts on “Mabie Todd & Bard Eyedropper and Gunmetal Travelling Case

  1. Hey Deb, Super pen 👍🏻. I’m also in the school of thought that says …’ I wonder who W.H. Reynolds was ‘🤔🤔, and, I’m glad that he had the engraving done ..properly 🤣

    I have a very similar one which …( serious collectors look away now..) I use every day !
    However, it doesn’t have such a fine ..scabbard .

    Cheers 🌹

    1. Scabbard! I do like that. I should have made a better photo of the personalisation. The script is very nice. These old eyedroppers are perfectly practical, though I wouldn’t carry one. They’re a little too slender for me now with arthritic hands but there are no better nibs than those made in the first two decades of the 20th century.

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