Mabie Todd & Bard Eyedropper and Gunmetal Travelling Case

The gunmetal travelling case is one I haven’t had before. It certainly provides protection for a pen. It’s quite decorative too, with its brass ends. This one shows that it has had a knock or two and has been well used.

The pen is in better condition, a Mabie Todd & Bard eyedropper with repoussé gold plated bands and some nice chasing.

These old pens are collectors’ items rather than daily users but this one is still as useful as ever with a splendidly flexible nib, as was usual in those early days of the 20th century.


10 thoughts on “Mabie Todd & Bard Eyedropper and Gunmetal Travelling Case

      1. hi! i’m wanting one of these traveling cases/items! where can i get one, could you help direct me–or even a mabie todd and bard metal pen sleeve with clip , or leather with clip; could you refer me to somewhere/one i can get one? also, if i use the dowel and steel wool on inside of metal swan case for pen, will it make it rust free? i see some for sale, but outside has rust, don’t know if that means inside will rust too and will then scratch pens–is it the rust itself that scratches the pens or just the material, even if it’s cleaned? please help, as i’d like one of these and also need to take care of my pens! thanks so much any info, help is sooo much appreciated! take care

      2. Hello George,
        The items you are looking for are the Swan Metal Pocket and a Mabie Todd Accommodation clip. Frankly, I can’t recommend either. Yes, you can remove rust from the inside of the metal pocket with dowel and emery cloth but it’s quite a task to get it all out. Even the least bit left behind will scratch a pen. I think the metal pen holders were only made by Mabie Todd, not Mabie Todd & Bard. At least I’ve never seen one. Accommodation clips mark pens and can damage them too. They can be very difficult to remove for cleaning and rust removal.
        If you must have one, the Swan Metal Pockets are often available on eBay. Conway Stewart had their own version too.

      1. and about the pic, you showed, of the ‘traveler” pen holder, gunmetal? that’s safe for pens, or more safe, scratch wise, right/? do you know where i could maybe get one of those or one like it; anyone/company that did or still does make them or things more like that and where i can look to find for sale? thanks so much! i’ve had so much trouble finding these things, this is first reference place i’ve found with reliable info on it that’s h helpful; so any help info or references you have are so much appreciated! thanks again!

      2. Thank you for your kind words, George. The travelling case and pen were made as an item together. The case was not made separately so far as I know. It’s very old and no-one makes it now. There are many types of container for fountain pens, made of various types of materials. Try a google search for “fountain pen case” or travelling pen case.

  1. Hey Deb, Super pen 👍🏻. I’m also in the school of thought that says …’ I wonder who W.H. Reynolds was ‘🤔🤔, and, I’m glad that he had the engraving done ..properly 🤣

    I have a very similar one which …( serious collectors look away now..) I use every day !
    However, it doesn’t have such a fine ..scabbard .

    Cheers 🌹

    1. Scabbard! I do like that. I should have made a better photo of the personalisation. The script is very nice. These old eyedroppers are perfectly practical, though I wouldn’t carry one. They’re a little too slender for me now with arthritic hands but there are no better nibs than those made in the first two decades of the 20th century.

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