Can You See My Sales Site?

My Web Host had some trouble with hackers recently and his answer was to turn off the blocks of IPs that the trouble appeared to emanate from.  Not the most efficient way of going about it, I would have thought.  Many potential customers can no longer see my site.  I’ve been dealing with this on a person by person basis but I’m already overwhelmed and I’m sure it’s only a tiny minority of those who cannot see the site who contact me.  If you cannot see the site, email me at  I won’t continue to try to have people unblocked individually but the numbers would help to convince the web host to deal with what is his problem.  I’m reluctant to go through the trouble and expense of moving to another web host but it may come to that.


16 thoughts on “Can You See My Sales Site?

  1. Your link in this post does not work, but I can get to your sales site by using the web address. Gary Leopold

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  2. The link in the e-mail gets the dreaded “404” message, but if manually typed are using my favorites – works fine.

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