Latest Upload

They’re going fast, I have to say,
I sold a pen at once today,
I’d listed it and blinked my eyes
Then it was gone, to my surprise!

There are new uploads still to see;
They’re not all gone yet, mercy me!
Some rarities for you this week,
If something different you do seek.

The holidays are nearly here,
And fountain pens bring us good cheer,
So as a gift, or for yourself;
I’m sure you’ve been a good wee elf!

But time is short, the postie’s stressed
He really will do very best
To get these parcels out to you
But reindeer mail’s not always true.

Still, if you miss the cut-off date
For festive mail to not be late
A New Year’s present won’t go wrong –
But sales are hot, so don’t take long!

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