Quite a response to the post about ink, both in comments and in email. The obvious next choice is paper but if anything I know even less about that than I do about ink.

I use Basildon Bond A5 paper for writing samples and my notebooks are Tiger A5 Plain Spiralback. I get through many of them. Most of the other papers I use for correspondence are vintage from eBay. Old papers are generally kind to fountain pens, being intended for their use. I have a set of old Airmail paper and envelopes, no longer necessary as weight restrictions are not as stingy as they once were, but nice paper which I use for overseas correspondents.

Then there is a very old writing set I picked up, maybe 1920s or 30s, woven paper which allows no see-through despite being thin, with small envelopes which do not correspond to any modern size. I love that and use it often.

I do have some modern paper, Clairefontaine for instance, very nice but nothing special, really.

Truth be told, my interest in ink or paper is slight and peripheral to my fascination with pens. You need something to write with and something to write on, in order to enjoy your pens. It’s nice to have a variety of those materials but my money is spent on pens, not to any great extent on ink and paper.


5 thoughts on “Paper

  1. I really enjoyed your post on paper. I became infatuated with paper (at age 9 or so) before I fell in love with pens in high school. Your post jogged my memory of those bygone days.

  2. Deb. No need for my usual long winded replies here……
    tried a few papers, found Rhodia worked perfectly, loved it , stuck with it.

    Now I use Rhodia spiral top A4 pads for the journal, and on those special occasions when I write letters etc, Tomoe River 52Gm loose sheets.

    It does seem that pretty much anything one can buy from a newsagent etc these days is only suitable for ballpoint 😏

  3. Currently, my traveler’s notebook inserts are all Apica. But I love others such as Rhodia, Clairefontaine, Tomoe River, and Moleskine(depending on the batch because they often buy papers from different suppliers which means the quality is hit or miss.

    I find it interesting you brought up Basildon Bond. When I first got into fountain pens a few years ago I became friends with a lady in the UK. She sent me a bunch of paper samples and some of it was BB. I fell in love with the samples and later she ended up sending me full pads. I love having papers that are not common to the US. At the time I couldn’t find anywhere in the US that sold it. Eventually, that changed and I ended up buying pads of different sized BB in the 3 main types of paper they make.

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