Mabie Todd Blackbird BB2/41

Whenever they appear – which isn’t often – I try to acquire Blackbirds in the BB2 range. Lovely little pens, aimed squarely at the school market. They are quite similar to the 52– range of the same period, and like them their worst fault is thin chrome plating which wears off and exposes the bare metal.

Otherwise, this pen has survived in great shape. It’s in a beautifully subtle green/black marbled pattern, quite unlike the last one of this type I had, a BB2/39, a much brighter and busier pattern than this one. The search box will lead you to it if you’re interested.

These Blackbirds and the 52– models are comparatively uncommon. I feel sure that this was not because of unpopularity but because as school pens their market was generally less careful than older people.

Still, this is a mid 30s example of the pen that some, at least, of the schoolchildren of the day used. All pens are fragile objects and these Blackbirds are a little less sturdy than their Swan equivalents. It’s a privilege to hold this pretty little pen.

2 thoughts on “Mabie Todd Blackbird BB2/41

  1. Hey Deb. They are indeed a lovely pen.
    I came across a BB2/46. ( the gorgeous blue -gold-brown mottled one) a while back.
    Of course I had to pounce on it …( who needs food anyway !)
    Strangely it has the completely squared ends , no cap rings and the stepped clip like a minor.
    It’s a stunningly beautiful pen, and has , as you may have guessed, a superflex nib, just how I like ’em .
    If I had the blue Fynepoint that goes with it …….well that would be a treat !

    Cheers 👍🏻

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