I have pens delivered almost every day. As a result, I feel I am in a position to evaluate packaging. There are three standards of packaging: bad, stupid and good.

This is a pen thrust into a padded bag or even a plain envelope with nothing more to protect it. I don’t need to explain why this is the worst type of packaging. I count myself very lucky that I have had pens destroyed by this type of packaging only three times.

Stupid packaging involves unnecessary amounts of packing tape or worse, Sellotape. The pen is somewhat protected during transmission but it is in danger of being damaged during unwrapping. It’s generally the case that in stupid packaging, the tape outweighs the pen by a huge amount. In the worst case, the pen is wrapped in tissue paper then mummified in Sellotape. Several layers of bubblewrap are applied, each one heavily taped. This mess is then packed into a reused box that was never intended for posting and usually arrives squashed out of shape. I got a pen in someone’s prescription box this morning. The result is that the pen is not protected though it keeps the tape manufacturer in business.

Good packaging is robust, either a postage tube or a section of plastic tubing. I use postage tubes and lots of bubblewrap with the minimum of brown packing tape. Packing tape is better than Sellotape because it is visible. A pen in plastic tubing with a layer or two of bubblewrap can be popped in a padded bag with complete confidence. On occasion, when a pen is being sent overseas, I might use more packing tape on the seams of the box because of the amount of handling the package will receive, otherwise I keep it to a minimum. These are not the only good methods. Many people are cleverly inventive and come up with other good solutions.

It is the bane of my life to be presented with a lumpy package big enough to hold a ghetto blaster when I know I have only ordered one pen, only too aware that there will be many layers within like Russian dolls, each with its own sticky mass of tape.


4 thoughts on “Packaging

  1. Deb.
    As one who also receives many many packaged pens in the mail, I totally concur !!

    I’ve seen the best and the very worst of attempts to send pens . There are sellers that I won’t buy from because their packing has been so bad, as you say, a pen in a bubble wrap envelope with nothing else round it …. And conversely, there are one or two that pack so well , it’s like xmas opening the box, ( I’m looking at you Yesteryears Pens šŸ‘šŸ»)

    And don’t get me started on postage, and why some folk can send two pens over here from usa for $15 , yet many greedy sellers think that it’s ok to charge $ 25 – 35 – even $70 shipping for a pen that may only be worth half that……I think a lot of sellers put the price of their pens down drastically, then triple their postage rate to compensate.

    And as for sending a pen around the world …FULL OF INK. ā˜ ļø…

    Hmmm, let it out …yeah.



    1. I didn’t know about the extreme international overcharging. Ebay was supposed to have stopped that several years ago. Worth reporting. And yes, I’ve had those ink-filled pens too. One seller used to boast that his restored pens were provided “filled with the very best ink.” Nutjob.

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