National Security Button Filler

I’ve written about National Security and the mysterious British Carbon Papers several times before. The search box above will find them if you’re interested.

One of the pens I wrote about was almost identical to this one: russet and black marble, a clip devoid of gold plating if it ever was there, button filler with black hard rubber blind cap and clip screw. It only differed in having one cap ring whereas this one has two.

This pen had not been well looked after and was very dirty outside and in. The clip had some corrosion and the button was totally black. The pressure bar, though it still had plenty of spring, was rusty. I have a deoxidiser which works in the ultrasonic cleaner and it took care of these problems. Despite these difficulties the pen is clearly well-made. I am as certain as I can be that it is a product of Langs of Liverpool.

Measuring 11.6 cm this is a shorter than average pen. It has a Phillips of Oxford 14 carat gold nib, most likely a historic replacement. I love the subtlety of the dark pattern and the smiling lion with his pen.


5 thoughts on “National Security Button Filler

  1. Hi Deb, do you think it would be possible to find original, albeit, used nibs for this pen ? I have one, all black, engraved with wavy pattern on barrell and cap, without nib. Thank you

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