The Hightime Standard

This one’s a real rarity. I don’t remember ever coming across one before. As is the way with several post-war British pens the Hightime copies the Parker 51 in a very superficial way while actually being a traditional button filler.

It’s not entirely clear to me who made the pen. Amalgamated Pen Repair Service Ltd are recorded as the sole distributors for the Hightime in January 1945*. Written on the box is “a W & T Product” which just adds to the mystery.

It’s a substantial pen at 13.3 cm capped and it has an unusual scimitar-like clip. The hooded nib is actually quite normal, not tubular like the Parker 51. It is probably plated. The blind cap fits so well that the join is almost imperceptible. The appearance of the pen is spoiled by the missing clutch ring but I should be able to find a replacement.

It is possible that this is a product of one of those start-up companies that appeared after the war. However, the designer knew what he was doing. The pen is not crude and the parts fit together well. The cowled clip and screw in plated gold are a good design.  The Hightime appears to have hung on for a few years, perhaps until 1950 but judging by the few around today, was not a big seller.

*Stephen Hull: The English Fountain Pen Industry 1875 – 1975

5 thoughts on “The Hightime Standard

  1. Some time back I seem to recall that a purchase of a small collection of pens included a C.S. that had mis-matched cap, and this odd cap had an identical style and shape of clip. In fact the clip on my cap is actually imprinted with the word Hightime. If anyone has a Hightime pen needing a cap, or someone just needs the correct clip, let me know and it will be sent gratis.

  2. Deb. those ‘winged-folded over’ nibs are to my mind, one of the cheeziest, cheap and nasty nibs … made . I’ve used a couple before and they usually come on the cheapest pens …like ‘bank giveaways’ etc.

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