Unbranded MHR Lever Filler

Anonymous pens can be beautiful too! This mottled hard rubber lever filler is well-designed and well made, doubtless the product of one of the well-known factories. The black and red of the mottled hard rubber remains colourful and with sharp contrast. People tend to use names like woodgrain or red ripple (which this is asssuredly not!) But it’s all mottled hard rubber, a very beautiful, quite robust material.

The pen has a warranted 14 carat gold nib, very fine with a modicum of flexibility. The clip remains nice and shiny but the lever appears to have lost some of its chrome plating. The milling on the clip screw is a nice touch.

I usually look back through my blog to see if I’ve covered a subject before, and I wrote about MHR back in 2011. Boy, did I get it wrong back then! I recommended the use of museum wax rather than strongly abrasive polishes. While I would still be careful about the polishes – read the label and used sparingly, if at all – I would never, ever, use any form of wax on a fountain pen. Many of the wax products that were highly recommended a decade or more ago are no longer used because of harmful ingredients they contain. Also, there is no coming back from wax. It’s very difficult if not impossible to remove completely.

It’s fine for furniture but not for pens.

7 thoughts on “Unbranded MHR Lever Filler

  1. I’m going to take a punt Deborah, and suggest the body of this one appears identical to the f.p. half of the Daily Herald (British daily newspaper – now defunct) set of pen and propelling pencil, issued back in the 1930s – so likely from the same maker. The set was sold by the newspaper to it’s readers – probably inexpensively.
    On my set the lever is gilt coloured though the clip is chromed and without the ball-end. The milling on the clip screw is very distinctive and not something I recall seeing before. Unfortunately, this doesn’t remotely tell us who made the pen, though there appears to be some suggestion that Wyvern might have been the maker – I’ve no idea what sort of provenance there is for this proposal.

    1. Thank you, Paul. That sounds very likely. I’ve come across pens provided by newspapers before – provide a week’s mastheads and 2/6d – that sort of thing. An excellent deal in this case because it’s a really nice pen. Whatever plating the lever on mine had has gone.

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