Waterman 52 Red Ripple

Everybody knows the Waterman 52. It was produced in huge numbers over a long period and remains one of the most common vintage pens. Because many 52s have flexible nibs – some exceptionally so – they are in demand whether black hard rubber, mottled hard rubber or ripple like this one.

For many years they were were workhorse pens, a job they did very well. The nibs come in a variety of forms – this one is a stubbish semi-flexible medium oblique, a very stylish line!

To my mind, the Waterman 52 is up there with the all-time greats – the Onoto, 1920s Swans, the Duofold and the Wahl Eversharp Doric. Red Ripple pens, especially those in condition like this one, are much demanded. The gold plating on this pen has survived unblemished. That doesn’t happen often!

Like those other pens I mentioned above, the 52 is an ergonomically superb pen, whether by design or accident. It remains comfortable in the hand after many pages of writing. How many modern pens are as good in this respect? Their popularity has driven prices up over the last decade but compared with many modern pens Waterman 52s remain a bargain

4 thoughts on “Waterman 52 Red Ripple

  1. yes, very appealing pens – I’ve something very similar with a 9 ct. cap band, plus couple of black versions one of which you’ll be proud to hear I actually inked up and wrote with till the ink ran dry – lovely nib with some flex and good snap back.
    I think the appeal is something to do with the 1920s – that deco style perhaps – the flat ends and great nibs, well at least it’s an era that I’m very much in love with, so for me the pen is always a winner.

  2. You are so right. I was traded an 0512 1/2 PSF(Which I believe is the HR version with a gold overlay) AND an Eversharp Doric in exchange for my first ever professional pen restoration job. It has a wonderfully smooth wet noodle flexy nib. About a year or so ago I got a deal on a 52 and 7 red ripple, with banded cap lips, that I could not pass up. The 52 IS a manifold nib but I still enjoy it immensely. The 52 red ripple is always inked.

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