Another Pilot

This is the latest in an increasingly long line of ageing Pilots I’ve acquired. Not quite vintage by my standards though I can’t tell the date of manufacturing of this one with any certainty. Probably 1960s but online searches have failed to find another. For once I am completely stumped in finding a model name or number. The patterned cap band is very distinctive but various image searches have failed to discover anything similar. There is only “Pilot” on the cap and the tiny characters HL06 lightly etched into the barrel. They do not seem to be a model number.

The nib, like many Pilot nibs of the period, is semi-hooded and 14 carat gold. I have several EFs but this one is needlepoint. The pen accepts modern Pilot cartridges. Very streamlined, it is reminiscent of Sheaffer Balances. The deep burgundy is pleasing.

Any suggestions about the pen’s age or model would be most welcome.

6 thoughts on “Another Pilot

  1. I did try ‘Fountain Pens of Japan’ for more information on this. Unfortunately, there is no Pilot pictured with a cap decoration anything like the pen shown.

    1. Nothing on Google images for Pilots either. I fear it must remain a mystery.

      Thank you for looking. I recently went hunting for a copy of that book but it has risen quite a lot in price.

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